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I absolutely love this song, it’s just so much fun and makes me want to dance!! And I love that it’s sung and released by both Koha and Maimai. And it’s cool that their different styles and personalities come through in their respective renditions. Koha’s version is definitely a lot quirkier and I think has a stronger and more unique character to it. Sadly this character comes off as “annoying” to some people 😦 Maimai’s version is adorable, because her voice is so cute and goes with the tone of this song so very well. I do have to say I think Maimai’s voice is much smoother than Koha’s but I think this, along with her significantly fewer vocal embellishments (aka squeaks…) make her version cute and fluffy, but I think a bit less striking than Koha’s. They’re both good though!! ^.^

In my creation of my cover, I discovered that at least for Koha’s songs, the backing vocals are not center-panned. Because to my dismay, the instrumental had no backing vocals, so I figured, might as well try making one out of the normal mp3 and see if the backing vocals are more present. And YAYZ they are very much present ^.^ And the actual instruments actually disappear pretty nicely, especially when mixed back in with the official instrumental… ^.^

So here’s my rendition of this song! Pitchier and much less professionally edited than either Koha’s or Maimai’s… but still acceptably decent, I think 😛

Hope you like it!

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Have I said how much I love High King? Well, I absolutely adore High King, it’s like the cream of the crop all concentrated in one place singing awesomely uncharacteristically H!P songs. If only they weren’t a one-shot group… I adore Ai-chan in this one, her dancing and her voice both pull off the effortlessly sexy look sooooo amazingly… It’s amazing how far she’s come since her debut! Reina’s a bit too cute for the song, I think, but she still does a wonderful job. And who knew little Maimi and Saki could look so grownup!! I love it, especially Saki’s dancing… It’s nearly as good as Ai-chan’s. Maimi’s dancing scares me a little bit because every time she moves her head I think she’s going to break her neck or something, but I’m happy to see her put such passion into it. And Maeda looks and sounds adorable, which makes an interesting juxtaposition with the other girls’ matureness. I really like her, and I think given a few years her voice and dancing will be ready for this kind of thing. She doesn’t quite have the smokingly sexy thing down yet, but I’m glad she got her introduction into the more visible realms of H!P with this group, because it’s just so much fun, and I’m sure it’s inspiring for her to be working with the top members of the main H!P groups! Besides, she really rocked Kioku no Meiro (which by the way I think I might like more than C\C… not sure yet, I vacillate).

Not having done this style of singing much before, my first attempt at a dub was a very weak approximation on all counts (rhythm, melody, sound…). My second attempt is at least better rhythmically, although I really just don’t know how to do the cool effortless R&B singing they pull off. But oh well, it was really fun… Sadly, I think the only voice I can actually imitate is Maeda’s…. curses… doomed to forever sound like a little kid… Oh well, Momoko seems to be rolling with that just fine 😛

Rock on!!!

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