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One of my best YT friends, AlwaysYouu, and I decided that it would be awesome to do some duets together, since we have fairly similar voices and like the same songs. So we’ve started our duet series with a dub of “Everyday Everywhere” as sung by Ai Takahashi and Reina Tanaka in concert. The song was originally by Taiyou and Ciscomoon (another Hello! Project subgroup) as a quartet, but I really like the concert version. Besides, both AlwaysYouu and I are big fans of Aichan and Reina.

This was a really difficult song, given the high level of vocal proficiency of the two original singers, and the fact that there’s a lot of super-high adlibs. I think we did pretty good overall though! And by chance (on my part at least) we ended up sounding not entirely far off from the original voices. The audio is kind of too loud, and I apologize for that (as I was the mixer for this).

So here it is! It’s the first time I’ve posted a non-solo piece ^.^


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I haven’t watched this anime yet, but I’ve been absolutely in love with song for the past month or so now. Not only the melodic aspects, but I love the lyrics too, so finally I decided to record my own version of it. There’s still wobbly spots and such, but I feel like it’s somewhat better than a lot of my other recordings ^.^ Although I don’t think I have a very good Sakura voice at all.

Also, this recording is dedicated to my boyfriend, who is always there for me, even when I’m not necessarily reciprocatively as good of a girlfriend as I should be. He is my Syaoran ^.^

So here’s “Yume no Tsubasa” originally sung by Makino Yui for the anime Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle:


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