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Boku no Hana

This is definitely one of my favorite songs, although I don’t even remember how I came across this. I’m guessing just random browsing of AKB48 information. Either way, this song is really very beautiful despite it’s rather creepy role in Densen Uta. Which, incidentally, I cannot make up my mind about whether I should watch or not because on one hand I’m very intrigued plus I love AKB48, but on the other hand, I hate horror movies, and I hate gore and this one seems to have plenty of gore…

Either way, I decided I would attempt to sing it. No way in heck can I even approach Hoshino Michiru’s vocals, but it turned out better than I expected, given that I’ve been sick for the last… what… 2 weeks now?


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Well, I decided to take on an ambitious organization/mixing project, trying to host a groupdub of the entire Morning Musume Bon Kyu! Bon Kyu! BOMB concert.  And maaan…. it’s a task, trying to mix 9 voices, and I’m totally being a perfectionist for this, so that doesn’t make things easier XD. Thank goodness most of the people in the dub have been very good about turning in lines on time and such, so that has not been a big as a hassle as I worried it could become.

Result? Hours of aligning all 9 parts by syllable, and then tweaking the volume levels. This is the first time I’ve actually spent time de-amplifying parts where more than one person sings, so that the volume throughout the song is more or less the same (aka no blastingly loud chorus parts where 9 people suddenly all sing together).

I think it came out pretty well, except that apparently I had the audio volume too loud for Adobe Premier to export properly so the sound is kind of staticy >.< Oh well, live and learn…

Cast members (by YT username):
Takahashi Ai – Kyttyee
Niigaki Risa – VeePinku
Kamei Eri – mewpareltje
Michishige Sayumi – StrawberryShine00
Tanaka Reina – AlwaysYouu
Kusumi Koharu – HinoRei575
Mitsui Aika – CherryNyanNyan
JunJun – KokoroSword
LinLin – xoxoMeeYonxoxo

Hope y’all like it!!

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