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Oh noes! This sucks!! >.<


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Another anime song!!! I was in a melancholy mood the other day, which was perfect for this song! It’s an insert song sung by Sakura in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. I absolutely love Makino Yui’s voice, and it’s really awesome that her songs happen to be also good for my voice ^_^

I think this is one of the best dubs I’ve done in awhile, which is probably a combination of luck, choosing a song that’s right for my voice, and actually being warmed up when I sang it. It’s not perfect, there are a couple of shaky notes, a couple that are just a smidgen off >.<, but I think overall it’s pretty good ^_^


Hope you like it!

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Tsuki no Curse

Even though the style of this song isn’t really a very good one for my voice (not so good at the whole dramatic belting thing… -.- aka, I suck at “Meikyuu Butterfly” too) the fact that it has a lot of background vocals that are NOT included in the instrumental track was just too attractive of a challenge to pass up =3

It took me about a day of puttering around, playing small bits on slow, etc… to figure out all of the harmonies, but it was really fun! The final execution of all of them was not perfect, but decently good I think. I was sad that I had to leave out the awesome reverberated background vocals thing in the the interlude, but I couldn’t figure out what words they were saying and anything imitation/making-things-up that I attempted just sounded completely retarded, so I thought it was better to just leave it out -.-

But anyways… Here ’tis!! It’s the OP to Loveless, in case people want to know…

TADA!! Please enjoy ^_^

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My collection of Studio Ghibli stuffies has grown!!! About a year ago, one of my best friends got me an awesome Totoro stuffie while he was interning in Beijing ^_^ And I thought that was awesome, but then a couple weeks ago my Totoro found a dust ball friend (courtesy of my now boyfriend’s trip to Japan)!!!

Totoro & Dust Ball

I also got some other interesting presents, including the cutest toe-socks I’ve ever seen! SQUEE!


And this bag, which he thought was really funny (and then K-Snow and I explained that “Chu” means kiss… and hence the XXX are probably kisses… -.-)


WHEE PRESENTS ^o^ But Totoro’s new dust ball buddy definitely wins the prize for most awesome ^_^

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For a FukiSuki New Year’s release, I had to sing a song representing my New Year’s resolution ^o^

I chose to do “Sorairo” from Fruits Basket, representing my resolution to think more positively and look to the future instead of dwelling on the past ^.^

Ta daa!!! And belated happy new year to everyone!!!

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