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Did I even mention how much I love harmonies? And how I enjoy being masochistic… by learning harmonies by ear? ^.^

Aaaanyways, AKB48’s “Sakura no Shiori” was pure delight for me, because of… AWESOME HARMONIES!!! I first heard it by walking past K-Snow’s room, and thought that they’d for some reason suddenly gotten into Japanese children’s choirs. I adore choral music, and this song definitely has that sort of sound to it. Not to mention wonderfully intricate (well, for pop music anyways) harmonies!!

And of course, I just had to learn them… I spent two days picking out harmonies and finally arrived at my own 4-part choral arrangement of this song (for SSAA choir). I think I captured most of the original harmonies, and there might be a couple that I randomly made up XD In any case, I feel like it was reasonably successful 😛

So here’s a beta version of me singing all 4 parts (which splits occasionally into 5-6 parts) 😛

Sakura no Shiori [Kyttyee]

Okay, so for some reason my alto parts are synchronizing weirdly such that they sometimes create horrible beats, but I don’t think it’s *too* noticeable in when mixed with the other parts ^.^

So yeah… hope you enjoy it!!


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