Pure Pure Heart ~ K-ON!

I love love love loooove K-ON! probably because it’s so very music-centric (besides being just plain cute). And I decided that I just liked this song too much to not try to sing it myself ^_^

Unfortunately, as it turns out it doesn’t really suit my voice very well. Mio’s VA has a much sharper voice and tends to do a lot of yell-singing, which I can’t do much of without getting a sore throat. But at least it was still fun to sing, and there were even some simple but cute harmonies (yay Yui!).

So here it is!


Kimi Shika

I’ve been pretty busy with school and moving apartments and traveling around, so I haven’t been recording things as much as I’d like to. BUT here’s another new recording!! XD

It’s “Kimi Shika” by No Sleeves (no3b). I’ve been in love with this song since I heard previews of it, and it went to the top of my want-to-cover list ^o^ I don’t feel like I really fully did it justice, but I did enjoy learning and recording it, so I guess that’s sort of good 😛 Anyways…

Hope you enjoy!!

<3, Kyttyee

Yay it’s summer!!! Which means more time for doing non-school things!! Like singing new songs!!

This time it’s “Everytime You Kissed Me” from Pandora Hearts. I don’t usually sing in English, unless it’s my own translation of a song, but this time, the original song was in fact in English! I didn’t originally think the song would suit my voice so well (it was done as a request), but I think it actually turned out pretty decently! I find singing in English harder for some reason, but maybe that’s just because I don’t do it too often.

In any case, video!

Hope you enjoy it!

<3, Kyttyee

I haven’t really had time to devote to fandubbing lately (I hate the quarter system >.<), but I did manage to find some time to learn this song, which has become one of my favorite AKB stage songs ^.^

It's originally a duet, so I tried to sing it in appropriately toned voices (my natural voice and a fake "mature" voice), although I apparently sound the same once I hit my higher register 😛 The speaking part's certainly subpar and full of stumbles, but oh well…

Hope you enjoy it!


Harmonies FTW!!!

Did I even mention how much I love harmonies? And how I enjoy being masochistic… by learning harmonies by ear? ^.^

Aaaanyways, AKB48’s “Sakura no Shiori” was pure delight for me, because of… AWESOME HARMONIES!!! I first heard it by walking past K-Snow’s room, and thought that they’d for some reason suddenly gotten into Japanese children’s choirs. I adore choral music, and this song definitely has that sort of sound to it. Not to mention wonderfully intricate (well, for pop music anyways) harmonies!!

And of course, I just had to learn them… I spent two days picking out harmonies and finally arrived at my own 4-part choral arrangement of this song (for SSAA choir). I think I captured most of the original harmonies, and there might be a couple that I randomly made up XD In any case, I feel like it was reasonably successful 😛

So here’s a beta version of me singing all 4 parts (which splits occasionally into 5-6 parts) 😛

Sakura no Shiori [Kyttyee]

Okay, so for some reason my alto parts are synchronizing weirdly such that they sometimes create horrible beats, but I don’t think it’s *too* noticeable in when mixed with the other parts ^.^

So yeah… hope you enjoy it!!


Byebye Koha… I wish you didn’t have to graduate, but I hope you have fun being a model, or whatever other crazy (or non-crazy, but that’s unimaginable with you) things you go on to do… T_T

To commemorate her graduation, K-Snow and I ventured out to iHop for some Papancakes and Hapi☆Hapi Sundaes (perhaps with very! berry! strawberry! on top) followed by a Koha song title photo scavenger hunts of sorts, combined with a grocery shopping stop.

Our first stop was the iHop itself, where we admired the very Kirari to Fuyu street and window decorations.

Followed by an extremely large meal of Papancakes. Their eggnog pancakes were delicious, and K-Snow appeared to enjoy their Pupumpkin Papancakes muchly (along with… an entire tilapia dinner… O_O).

We finished off the meal with a Hapi☆Hapi Sunday (I mean, sundae) with strawberry compote on top!

After managing to drag our beached whale selves out of the restaurant, we decided to stop by Whole Foods for some more scavenger hunting and grocery shopping. On the way there, we saw a little shop where you can Tan Tan Ta(a)n! if you so choose.

Can you find all three Tan-s?

We also spotted a Rainbow Pink with an additional Tan for good measure.

Outside of the Whole Foods, we noticed that they seem to have a special going on EVERYDAY PRECIOUS DAY!!!

Inside the store, we were immediately met with very! berry! strawberry!

Yes, with all those exclamation marks… this giant pile was literally right inside the door…

Whole Foods was a treasure trove for Koha titles (as well as delicious delicious food that we were both too full to be really interested in…).

You can never go wrong with an appetizer of Himawari seeds

followed by a main course of Spaghetti.

And of course, everything will be great because Whole Foods is dedicated to providing you with SUGAO-flavor all day, everyday:

In addition to edibles, Whole Foods is dedicated to making you feel beautiful with their crazy organic bath salts…. So much so that they felt compelled to stick a Koi Sign in their salt bucket…

Having acquired a stockpile of food, we left the store and headed for a brief stopover in Chinatown, where we found a certain dimsum chef being extremely Happy

And who knew Milky Way condoned gambling?!

(It was better than getting in trouble for looking suspicious while trying to take pictures of the stars on police and fire department buildings/vehicles… >_>)

And now, back to the train station to head on home! What a long day! But oh no, we have to wait for the train 😦 In the meantime, we spotted some Futari wa NS

Apparently the Chicago L-map makers were big fans!

Oh, and they even managed to incorporate Sansan GOGO into the transportation system!!

(Bus route 330 on 55th Street)

Once home, we took some quick snaps of my Kirari-inspired outfit (Kirari + Lolita = Kiralita?)

Hey look, my skirt’s even got some Mizuiro Melody on it! (At least, the melody part…)

OMG Koha’s climbing out of our living room wall!!!

PHEW… what an exciting day! See how much we love you, Koha?! Please keep on doing crazy awesome things, even now that you’ve graduated!!!

Wa~ MERRY PIN X’mas!

~From Kyttyee, with Love~

I’ve recently started watching K-ON! and fell in love with it right away, especially the songs the girls sing! I thought it would be fun to do an English version of the ED, “Don’t Say ‘Lazy'”, so here it is!!

Translation help from Deciphered Melody

These English lyrics are 100% my own, so you may use them if you want, please attribute them to me if you’re planning to use them for something ^.^

And maybe if I get unlazy enough (:-P) I’ll do an English version of “Cagayake! Girls” as well, since I’ve been kind of wanting to that also ^.^

Please don’t say “You are lazy,”
Because I’m really crazy!
Even the gentlest swans
Are kicking up a storm, fighting hard beneath the surface.
I will be true to myself,
I’ll take on what you dish out.
My future’s bright ahead,
So that’s why I can stop, take a break for just a second.

I’ll take a look, and I’ll confirm my aspiration.
X on the map, I’ll mark my final destination.
If I can find, a shortcut I could get there faster
Or gimme wings, they’re great ’cause I could tot’lly blast there.

Oh damn! I just broke my nail.
I’ll superglue it, all right!
Just doing that, my heart is really taking flight.
You have to know what’s precious to you.
You gotta take care of them.
To open your heart to others you must believe that you’re a diamond!

Please don’t say “You are lazy,”
Because I’m really crazy!
Even the fiercest hawks
Take care to hid their claws, keep their talons in close to them.
I try to search for my dream,
It’s so hard that I might scream!
I’m trying to find myself,
So don’t expect my pitch to be polished to perfection.

You can’t predict all of the things that I’ll accomplish.
I’ll break them all, your meters can’t take how strong I wish.
‘Cause when I dream, I always dream with all my power,
And when I sleep, I put my all in every hour.

Oh hey! I just lost some weight,
But in my joy I just ate.
Why’d I do that? I’m beat by pressure I’ can’t take.
But right away I’ll bounce right back up,
And aim for something lower.
I’m flexible, I can adapt… my Kabuki dance will conquer!

Please don’t say “You are lazy,”
Because I’m really crazy!
Even the vainest birds
Appreciate and cheer when they come across a beauty.
I want to better myself,
To bring my beauty full out.
Because the path is rough,
I’m strengthening my will, gonna win no matter what comes!

Oh damn! What’s this, a Red Point?!
Hey yes! I barely cleared it!
I feel so great, I feel like I’m omnipotent!
You gotta love yourself, yeah that’s right!
Open up there’s nothing to hide.
To learn to forgive, you first have to believe in who you are inside.

Please don’t say “You are lazy,”
Because I’m really crazy!
Even the gentlest swans
Are kicking up a storm, fighting hard beneath the surface.
I will be true to myself,
I’ll take on what you dish out.
My future’s bright ahead,
So that’s why I can stop, take a break for just a second.