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Guess whaaat??!! That’s right, another Arashi dance cover ^o^ I started learning the dance to “Monster” fairly soon after I learned “Lotus” but it took a bit longer to really polish up since the footwork is a little more complicated and I didn’t have as good a set of reference videos (all the live performances have mostly been taken off Youtube already). Also… I had to learn how to do it in 2-inch heels.

Yes… 2-inch heels… Because this was also a project in sewing for me. I decided to create a Lolita version of Oh-chan’s outfit. I chose Oh-chan rather than Nino because his outfit was the most distinctive without looking tacky or hard to construct, given fabrics available to me and my own sewing skills.

So yeah, anyways, here it is! A dance + dub + cosplay of Arashi’s “Monster”!

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Wooh!! I’m so excited XD I’ve been considering going to AX for quite awhile now, basically as soon as I found out Momusu was going to be performing there 😛 But it was kind of like… ehh… do I have money? And then, my flight home from visiting Northwestern got overbooked, which in retrospect was awesome, because I gave up my seat, flew into Manchester instead of Boston, and now have a free round-trip voucher that I can use to fly to LA! Plus, my boyfriend’s got family in Orange County, and he wanted to visit them sometime in the summer anyways, so housing is free too!!

AND TO UP THE EXCITEMENT, the all-awesome Miri is applying for booth + performance space/time at AX for Sekai no Melody!!!!! Yes… that’s exactly what really pushed me over the edge to motivate myself to figure out logistics for getting to AX… I MIGHT GET TO ACTUALLY PERFORM!!! In real life with the awesome people from SnM!!!

That combined with seeing Momusu in real life… I’m waaaaay too excited about AX now XD I finally registered me and my boyfriend both, and bought tickets to the Momusu concert. Now he gets to deal with me being super-hyper the rest of the weekend. I’ve been getting about 4-5 hours of sleep a night for the past 3 nights, soooo…. Kyttyee ish very hyper!!!!

Now I have motivation to actually do my Amulet Spade cosplay 😛 I already have the socks, the boots, and the hair, I just have to make the actual clothes ^.^


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