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Guess whaaat??!! That’s right, another Arashi dance cover ^o^ I started learning the dance to “Monster” fairly soon after I learned “Lotus” but it took a bit longer to really polish up since the footwork is a little more complicated and I didn’t have as good a set of reference videos (all the live performances have mostly been taken off Youtube already). Also… I had to learn how to do it in 2-inch heels.

Yes… 2-inch heels… Because this was also a project in sewing for me. I decided to create a Lolita version of Oh-chan’s outfit. I chose Oh-chan rather than Nino because his outfit was the most distinctive without looking tacky or hard to construct, given fabrics available to me and my own sewing skills.

So yeah, anyways, here it is! A dance + dub + cosplay of Arashi’s “Monster”!


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I decided to sing “synchronicity” from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles! I love this song, the series, and Makino Yui, so triple the reason to sing it XD

I did all the harmonies, except for the choral parts at the beginning, bridge, and end ^_^ YAY HARMONIES! I had sung this song before, but that was a long time ago, this version is definitely better XD

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy it too!

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Another live video, with yet a different instrument! ^_^ Me playing the bass part and singing to Fuwa Fuwa Time (from K-ON!)

I love this song and I love Mio XD I didn’t have a proper Mio cosplay, but I wore something that looked like an outfit Sawa-chan-sensei might make the girls wear 😛 If your speakers don’t have very good bass, you might not be able to hear my playing very well 😦 But it’s definitely there (run it through a bass amp or something XD)

Anyways, I had a lot of fun doing this, and I hope you enjoy it! Next up, Don’t Say Lazy, perhaps? ^o^

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Coincidentally HAPPY BIRTHDAY NINO!!!!!!! \(^o^)/ <3<3<3

This is me, playing AND singing "Niji" originally by Ninomiya Kazunari of Arashi ^_^

It's probably my most favorite of Nino's solos, and how nice that I managed to finish it on his birthday XD

You won't believe how hard it is to get a good volume balance when you only have one weeny little microphone in a school music practice room… T_T I think I managed to get it to turn out okay.

It's not perfect, but I enjoyed practicing and playing the song, so I hope you like it too!


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Yet another new update? No way!! I bet you can guess what I’ve been doing to fend off end-of-year burnout…

Actually, I learned this dance awhile ago, and have just been waiting for when I had time to do a recording of it. Yes, that’s right, a dance!! I’ve been learning Jpop dances for awhile now, but haven’t been sufficiently satisfied or been too busy to post them here. But this one I’m proud of, since I feel like I got both the dancing and the singing down fairly well ^_^ And also… ARASHI! *flail* And I absolutely love this song (although there’s few Arashi songs that I don’t love XD).

Yezz… BROWNIEPOINTS if you can figure out who my bias is 😀 Hint… it’s pretty obvious if you’ve seen any of their performances of this song…

Anyways… I conclude from this endeavor that boyband dances are more challenging and interesting to learn than girl group ones. I suspect it’s due to difference in footwear >_>;; In any case, I’ll definitely be learning more Arashi dances (and maybe the rest of JE… this is contagious v_v). In fact, I’ve got the moves to Monster learned, just need to polish it up some more ^o^


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Another anime song!!! I wanted to cover this song maybe like, a year and a half ago, but at that point I was sure I could not actually pull off the style of this song. I still don’t feel fully confident, but I definitely haven figured out better how to control my singing now, so I decided to go ahead and sing it ^_^

Alas it’s not perfect, and apparently the instrumental balance comes out VEEEERY different depending on the particular set of speakers/headphones, but what can you do…

I’m sort of now searching around for songs (new or old) that I can re-record and make nice, because I’m very tempted to audition for Supercell. However… the fact that I have to write a mini-essay in Japanese, and my lack of confidence, and the overall impracticle-ness might deter me. We’ll see XD I spent more time than usual on this song because I’m considering using it as one of my demos, since I have very few polished recordings from more recent and I’d like to show off my more improved singing rather than my previous weaker voice XD

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