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Another anime song!!! I wanted to cover this song maybe like, a year and a half ago, but at that point I was sure I could not actually pull off the style of this song. I still don’t feel fully confident, but I definitely haven figured out better how to control my singing now, so I decided to go ahead and sing it ^_^

Alas it’s not perfect, and apparently the instrumental balance comes out VEEEERY different depending on the particular set of speakers/headphones, but what can you do…

I’m sort of now searching around for songs (new or old) that I can re-record and make nice, because I’m very tempted to audition for Supercell. However… the fact that I have to write a mini-essay in Japanese, and my lack of confidence, and the overall impracticle-ness might deter me. We’ll see XD I spent more time than usual on this song because I’m considering using it as one of my demos, since I have very few polished recordings from more recent and I’d like to show off my more improved singing rather than my previous weaker voice XD

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