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Guess whaaat??!! That’s right, another Arashi dance cover ^o^ I started learning the dance to “Monster” fairly soon after I learned “Lotus” but it took a bit longer to really polish up since the footwork is a little more complicated and I didn’t have as good a set of reference videos (all the live performances have mostly been taken off Youtube already). Also… I had to learn how to do it in 2-inch heels.

Yes… 2-inch heels… Because this was also a project in sewing for me. I decided to create a Lolita version of Oh-chan’s outfit. I chose Oh-chan rather than Nino because his outfit was the most distinctive without looking tacky or hard to construct, given fabrics available to me and my own sewing skills.

So yeah, anyways, here it is! A dance + dub + cosplay of Arashi’s “Monster”!

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I decided to sing “synchronicity” from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles! I love this song, the series, and Makino Yui, so triple the reason to sing it XD

I did all the harmonies, except for the choral parts at the beginning, bridge, and end ^_^ YAY HARMONIES! I had sung this song before, but that was a long time ago, this version is definitely better XD

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy it too!

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