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Yay! This is the second video in the Bon Kyu! Bon Kyu! BOMB Concert groupdub series!

I’m pretty pleased with the synchronization and timing in this one, but I feel like the balance between individual singers as well as between the vocal track and the instrumental track is definitely less good in this one. Oh well, thus is life…

I’ve also been completely hosed, which is why this has actually been done for a good month or so now but I’ve only gotten around to writing it up now ^.^;

But anyways, here ’tis!!

Cast members (by YT username):
Takahashi Ai – Kyttyee
Niigaki Risa – VeePinku
Kamei Eri – mewpareltje
Michishige Sayumi – StrawberryShine00
Tanaka Reina – AlwaysYouu
Kusumi Koharu – HinoRei575
Mitsui Aika – CherryNyanNyan
JunJun – KokoroSword
LinLin – xoxoMeeYonxoxo


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